Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Australia - Backward & Racist?

Let's get this straight first - the ONLY reason I'm giving this chick any attention is because I think she effectively illustrates the point I'm trying to make on this post. Stay with me.

Some Australians got their knickers in a knot about outgoing Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo's appraisal of Australia.

Mr Trujillo, who earned millions at the helm of the one-time taxpayer-owned telecommunications giant, cited what he described as "restrictive" historical immigration policies and "events over the past five or 10 years" that the report did not specify.

"I would say that Australia definitely is different [from] the US. In many ways it was like stepping back in time," he said in the interview, which was broadcast in part by ABC Radio this morning.

Now if you move past the obvious contradicion that the USA is one of the most historically racist countries in the world, where's the controversy in his statements? Think about what he's witnessed in his time here; Cronulla race riots, a sharp spike in racially motivated violent attacks, one Prime Minister who flat out ignored the native population, and another who was damn near beatified just for saying sorry to them without any real plan of action......

"And then the fat wog said to the skinny wog............"

Oh, and when the Australian Prime Minister heard Trujillo was leaving, what did he say? "Adios."

Fuckin' killer line, Kev!

Is Australia backward and racist? Nah, not for shit, bro.

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El NiƱo said...

While I'm not going to enter into a dialogue about we skips being a racist mob of carnts I don't think Big Sol the Corporate raider, ego-maniac extraordinaire is the arbiter of the Oz national character. And I'm a little offended that you, comrade, used him thusly.
I would expect you to say something about the payout he took from his contract termination when he was the muvaphuka who done did the severing. Sounds just to me. I love the world.
Add that to a comment that australia is "different" to the US being seen as a negative WTF??!?!? Stepping back in time?? to when? Back when the US had a health care system and no working poor? When was that again? Was what he did at Telstra bring us up to speed and deliver us in this present that we lag behind?