Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reason #13 Why TWNR

You'll probably see me post a lot more video clips leading up to the debut of the new J Wess clip for 'Do Anything For You' Feat. me and Jerson Trinidad (Video Hits June 6), not that my self-promotin' ass needs a reason to post this classic joint right here.

I remember the first time I heard The Geto Boys, I was about 13 and they kinda scared me - and this was after I'd heard NWA.

Comprised of Scarface, a psycho who tried to top himself and ended up in a loony bin by age 16, Bushwick Bill, a violent midget, and Willie D who is simply known as 'The Gangsta of Love,' these Houston rap pioneers were definitely working an angle no one had used before. I mean shit, one of the tracks from the 'We Can't Be Stopped' album (my favourite Geto Boys LP) involves Bushwick rapping from the perspective of Chuckie from Child's Play.

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