Monday, May 11, 2009

Does The NBL Need To Get at Andre 3000?

Australia's anemic pro ball league, the NBL, is now at full blown laughing stock status after the most enduring franchise in league history pulled the pin on the proposed revamped league.

The Tigers' decision followed the announcement by reigning champions the South Dragons on Friday that they were also withdrawing, although both Melbourne clubs said they wanted to rejoin the competition in 2010.

BA will announce on Tuesday whether the new league will go ahead as scheduled starting in October.

The Tigers' withdrawal now leaves any revamped competition without any teams in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

He's an astute business man, that stout little Mick (Tigers owner Seamus McPeake), so I'm guessing these teams have their reasons. There's talk of a renegade league, I can only hope it materialises and emulates both the real life ABA (an alternate pro league in the USA that thrived in the 70s due to cats like Dr. J, and enjoyed/suffered an infamy for lax drug policies), and the fictional league from Semi-Pro in which Will Ferrell captain/coaches 'a lovable band of misfits.'

Andrew Gaze could totally be that dude.

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