Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Thoughts On Why Breaking New Acts Might Make Dollars & Sense

I've been listening to Relapse (Eminem's new album) over the last few days, and since I've never had any opinion of Em whatsoever (other than to say he is a greatly skilled rapper), I really don't have any qualitative analysis of it to offer. But, it did get me thinking....

In the current climate, there's no way he's gonna sell anywhere near the same amount of records that he used to. In fact, anyone who's interested in this album probably already has it (die hard Eminem fans). But that's really the case with any established artist, whether they're at the peak of their success or they're on the decline. Once the hype kicks in, your popularity and mainstream exposure tops out and there are about 10 times as many people downloading your shit for free as there are purchasing it.

Maybe one of the only ways to see healthy sales these days is to come out of nowhere. No one's checking for you before you break, so no one's downloading your shit for free. They don't know who the fuck you are. You come out of nowhere, enjoy some moderate sales from the spike in popularity and notoriety, and then join the ranks of the raped and pillaged.

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