Monday, May 25, 2009

I Dare You To Read This

Last night I stopped for a burger on the way home from playing ball, and felt compelled to order The Ultimate Double Whopper - largely because the ad ran something like, "Can you handle it?"

"F*&k yes," I thought.

So hats off to the (as Adam Sandler would say) ad wizards who thought of that one. You goaded me into it.

I was ordering something for wifey too, so I asked for the item off the menu that read Grilled Chicken Wrap.

"I'm sorry, the grilled chicken wrap is actually fried chicken," the burger slinger said.

Reminded me of the line from A Bronx Tale:

Chazz Palminteri "There are only two things to do in prison: lift weights, or get in trouble"

Punk kid "What did you do?"

Chazz Palminteri "I read."

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