Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Do We Get Off Expecting To Be Happy?

There's a writer for The Age who I'm quite partial to, and The Kid absolutely loves. Her name's Catherine Deveny, and she writes some pretty excellent stuff.

Despite wishful thinking, happiness is not our default setting. But heading towards happiness is. (That wasn't Buffett, or Dr Phil. That was me.) It's about damage control. Enough talk about building infrastructure and financial stimulus. People forget that economic turmoil gouges huge holes in people's lives, their mental health, their happiness, their self-esteem, their relationships and their health. And that, my friends, affects us all.

Oh, and as for the picture of the one legged Ruski from The Sopranos.... well, if you know The Sopranos, you'll know why I posted it. And if you don't know The Sopranos, wtf are you doin?

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