Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Yo No Soy Ladron"

Ok, you're gonna have to trust me on this (unless your The Kid, who also speaks Spanish and can probably correct me in places) - this article from Spanish periodical El Pais details the story of two journalists from The New York Times who were actually onto the Watergate scandal before The Washington Post (who in fact broke the story) were aware of it.

...el diario The New York Times dejó escapar una de las exclusivas más célebres de todos los tiempos, y que aprovechó muy bien su competidor, The Washington Post: el caso Watergate, que le costaría la presidencia a Richard Nixon en 1974.

Los protagonistas de esa historia, ahora ex periodistas del Times, han contado en el diario cómo tuvieron primero la exclusiva y la dejaron escapar.

Basically, the journalists in question lost the file that their hot story was kept in. And they've kept their mouths shut about if for like 3 decades.

Commence conspiracy theories at will.....


Anonymous said...

The evidence seems to suggest that Nixon was set-up for his fall, largely due to his New Economic Policy of 1971 which aimed to manage elements of the market through tariffs, wage & price controls.

This policy conflicted with the aims of "the Establishment" (the super-rich industrialists, bankers, etc), represented by the Bilderberg Group, Trilaterists & Council on Foreign Relations.

Not ironically, the publisher of The Washington Post (Katherine Graham) and several executives of the New York Times were prominent members of the Bilderberg Group & Council on Foreign Relations.

Either way you look at it, it doesn't really matter who broke the story as both newspapers were simply working for the insidious interests of a handful of super-rich, power-hungry elitists.

El Niño said...

Teni razon po'h weon y me gusta mas que todo que pensaste q el post será mejor en español.

Pero no es justo q escribiste q solo yo lo entender el español cuando somos dos sabemos q El Biz es El Matty Richardson de la idioma!!! !!!VIVA!!!