Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Gonna Ride Or Die (Of Thirst)

Because VFL legend David Cloke has a special place in my heart, this makes me mad.

Police are investigating after a gunshot was fired into the home of Collingwood star Travis Cloke earlier this month.

The single gunshot was fired upstairs into the Ringwood North house where the footballer lives with his parents, Julie and David Cloke.

If you don't know about big David Cloke's influence on my life, I'm not gonna publish it here, but sufficed to say I've seen the great man separate a group of brawling Micks single-handed. And you know he comes from the old school Footy days where he would be on friendly terms with a 'knockabout guy' or two.

So I reckon he'll know what to do.

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