Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suck On This Andrew Bolt, You Climate Change Denier

The Chacaltaya glacier in Bolivia used to be the worlds highest ski run. Used to be, because although the 5,300m high land formation is still there, the ice is not.

Not long ago they were predicting that it would survive until 2015.

But now it seems, the glacier has melted at a much faster rate than they expected.

Photos taken in the last two weeks show that all that is left of the majestic glacier, which is thought to be 18,000 years old, are a few lumps of ice near the top.

You know what's fun? Watching reactionary cockroaches like Andrew Bolt spin out their 'evidence' to the contrary, while the planet continues to fall apart.

That's great man. When there are no more trees, Bolt can maintain his smug little smile because, in his own mind, he will have rationalised it all away to the fault of something else entirely.

Probably illegal immigrants or socialism.


Anonymous said...

Sorry D, but I'm gonna have to go with AB on this one.

The climate may be changing, but there's no evidence that mankind has caused it.

Not only have such changes in the earth's climate happened before, but the major cause of such changes has actually been the sun. (Which makes sense, really...)

Moreover, if one were to examine the intentions of the world's financial elite (indeed, if one were to examine history in general...) he/she would see that such individuals are aiming to wipe out the middle classes and to replace every country's national sovereignty with a world government (which, with the formation of the EU, the proposed union of Canada, USA & Mexico, the proposed union of Asian countries and the proposal of a single global currency (as promoted by the IMF & World Bank), is becoming closer to reality than most people think).

Such an aim is made all the more possible with a so-called "Carbon Tax" that will be laid upon all mankind. By perpetuating the myth of Global Warming due to Carbon Emissions, it will make the introduction of a Carbon Tax all that much more easier.

The “Manhattan Declaration”, which summarised the sentiments of the scientists who attended last year’s International Conference on Climate Change, includes statements such as:

“there is no convincing evidence that CO2 emissions from industrial activity in the past, now, or will in the future cause catastrophic climate change.”

“attempts by governments to inflict taxes & costly regulations on industry & individual citizens with the aim of reducing emissions of CO2 will pointlessly curtail the prosperity of the West & progress of developing nations without affecting climate”.

“human-caused climate change is not a global crisis.”


El NiƱo said...

And this is why I get out of bed every day and struggle through the haze of meaninglessness, adrift on a sea with scant hope of ever arriving at landfall, what is the point? What is the point..? At least there are little nuggets of gold that piggy back their way around this swirling black mass, bobbling atop the usual valueless flotsam and jetsam. I couldn’t agree more with DD’s reasoned account of The State of Affairs. Dang climate change anti-denialists are the puppets of elites whose power is so frightfully powerful that they may infect public discourse with such a scourge as the idea that man is bringing about the downfall of the Earth that they may orchestrate the downfall of man. Well not every man, obviously not themselves, more the other men, and probably women, and the children of those men and women that are not them. Those who have been lied to all these years about the prospect of social mobility and have seen fit to whore themselves to the system for the promise of improving their lot. The middle-class. The automatons. The consumers. The stupid. It’s all clear. But have these worker ants become more than their design? Are they out of control now? This beast must be tamed again and having turned away from God the threat of Armageddon need be brought to bear in furious anger (see the recent resurgence of the Disaster movie). Oooh the End of the World is neigh, and it’s all your fault. We must impose carbon tax and a system of supra-national governance upon you all and our plan will be complete. But – prey tell – is that cad the evil intergalactic overlord Xenu a part of this cabal??