Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Irish-Cuban Project

Amidst the ethnic wars in western China, the ongoing fragility of world markets, and the redundant outpouring of emotion over MJ's passing (largely from emotionally stunted individuals who never show a shred of love and affection to even their own friends and families in real life), it's nice to throw out a random harmless story about pianos.

The term Una Corda is a musical direction for the depression of a soft pedal on the piano. It’s literal meaning is “one string”. Una Corda is also the name of a non-profit organisation run by volunteers from Ireland’s music community, that works to train and equip Cuban piano-tuners. They are now in the final stages of being awarded charitable status as a cultural and educational exchange project.

Now if we could just get The Uighur and The Han a bunch of 6 strings, we could have a real feel good story on our hands.

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