Monday, July 6, 2009

Scotty McDonald Takes The Captain's Arm Band For Celtic FC

Melbourne boy, and terminally-incapable-of-scoring-for-his-country goal sneak Scott McDonald is set to lead the line for Celtic when they take on the biggest club in the world, Brisbane Roar, this Sunday.

"We obviously realise how important a trip this is for the football club as a whole and it's a fantastic opportunity for us to play in front of our supporters in Australia.

"They support the team faithfully, but don't get the opportunity to see us play very often and we realise how much this visit means to them."

Damn right. Now don't disappoint me, Boyos.

Oh, and I included the clip because a) it shows what a 'good boy' S-Mac is, b) The Biz will love it, and c) it's funny.

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