Monday, July 6, 2009

New Digga Album, Chronic Laziness, And NBA Traffic

So I've been chopping it up with J Wess over the last couple of days, plotting and planning some studio sessions for my album. I'm ducking up to Brisbane this weekend to see The Mighty Hoops of Glasgow Celtic FC take on Brisbane Roar, but the following weekend I'll be in studio lockdown mode. We're trying to get my joint in the can asap, although it's still gonna be a minute before it comes out. I had an album ready to go back in 2006 but there was some label BS and it's kinda gotten to the point where only one, maybe two, of those tracks will be reworked and end up on my album. I got about 10 fresh new joints ready to record, and I'm sure J Wess will throw me a few curve ball new ones to work on as well.

Having said all that, and being intimately aware of the nature of the biz, it's all subject to change at the last minute of course.

I've also got a bunch of unreleased tracks I did with Styalz Fuego, and a couple of accapellas, that I probably should have posted by now. But as I've said in the past, I can be a lazy motherf*&%er when it comes to technology.

There sure has been a lot of movement this early in the NBA off-season. My personal favourite was Turkoglu agreeing to go to the Blazers and then pulling the old, "No no, hold on, I didn't really do that," and going with the Raptors instead. I'm not even gonna speak on the 'Rasheed Wallace Jumps Aboard A Drowning Ship' move to Boston. I mean, hey, there's enough hatred going around out there already, right?

As a Knicks fan (where ya at, Memphis?) I gotta second the motion put forth by one of my Twitter peoples today - what the hell are they doing over there at Madison Square Garden? Them fools should be the most active franchise in the league right now. Especially if they wanna have a chance in Hell of getting Bron Bron to sign up next go round.

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r said...

it's like the nba looks at the knicks as a dumping squad for the injured players to fully recoup then move on. things have gone down hill ever since they traded patrick ewing years ago. like i said, we'll take a gaterade boy from the lakers, a towel boy from orlando magic and all 8 kids from jon and kate plus 8. jeesh, dolan could at least look like we actually have an nba team.

btw, thanx for the love.

-peace and cheese-