Monday, July 27, 2009

Music 2.0

Smart cookies like my man Weez over at the Affinity Music Group are already putting all of this stuff into action - it's the new rules of the music game (referring to the "record industry" seems a little limited these days).

Fans are the new record label. The business now all depends on the relationship between an artist and their fans, most importantly the uber fans, the ones who buy all the merchandise, go to all the shows, and spread the word about their favorite bands.

We're in a transitional faze where the old record label dinosaurs are completely unwilling to accept that this is the new way of things. But they still have a lot of power and pull. So there's gonna be growing pains for a few years to come, but once those crusty old technocrats kick off, and today's artists (and frustrated used-to-be artists) take up the positions of power, the points outlined in this article will start to be standard. I think. But who the hell knows.

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