Thursday, July 30, 2009

Status Update

Getting ever closer to the release date of the new J Wess single Anything For You featuring myself and Mr. Jerson Trinidad (August 21), J's been out doing a lot of press for it. We're also gearing up for the Flo Rida tour, and they snuck in a slot with Beyonce in Sydney for us too by the looks of things.

By all accounts, the folks who have been interviewing J seem to get what we're trying to do with the new label and are interested to see what I come out with on my own record. No $hit, me too!

Last few weekends I've been recording new tracks for my record (J's is in the can, bar a few tweaks here and there), I'm looking forward to getting back to it this weekend. I used to be impatient about locking in a track list, but these days I'm really enjoying the process of stacking as many tracks as possible and then sitting back at the end and picking the best ones. Darwin, baby.

Anyway, one of the tracks we're laying down this weekend is something really different for us, and could be the next song out through Rendition Entertainment. Not sure if it'll be off J's record, mine, or something totally different. But you should be hearing it soon.

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