Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cheating On Your Partner..... With Your Hand

Great image accompanying this story on masturbation, some fairly spurious notions getting bandied around in the article though. I would argue that masturbation has nothing to do with relationships. It's a constant, a personal release. However, if you insist on dragging it into the vast sphere of 'relationship issues,' then I think this is the right attitude to adopt:

"There's a difference between privacy and total secrecy," says Brian Zamboni, a Minneapolis sex therapist. "You can say 'Yes, masturbation is part of our respective sexualities, but let's agree not to go into all the details."

Alternatively, if you're a relationship extremist who believes in disclosure of the truth at all costs, get used to hearing about your partner smashing off to images of celebrities you hate, mutual friends - maybe even that cute cousin of yours.

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