Monday, September 8, 2008

Good To Know for The Post Apocalypse

If you've read Cormac McCarthy's excellent novel The Road, or you plan on sticking around to eek out an existence after the Apocalypse (this post-apocalypse epoch will be called 'Kiddie Time,' but that's a story for someone else to tell), then this is a major FYI.

"For decades most fatigues, now referred to as battledress uniforms, incorporated wiggly patterns of solid colours known as tiger stripes. But research in the field of “clutter metrics”—the study of how well observers locate and identify objects—has recently discredited tiger stripes."

'Clutter metrics' is an excellent term, and it's definition delivers what it's pronunciation so richly promises. But discrediting Tiger Stripes? Let's not go crazy.

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