Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New York Knicks Look Back Nostalgically

As a long suffering Knicks fan, I'm used to seeing my fair share of bullshit. I put up with their 'let's fill the roster with 4 guys who play shooting guard and pay one of them an astronomical salary completely out of sync with what he's acheived and his ability as a basketballer' crap, I didn't walk away when they brought in Stephon 'Give Me The Ball, Suck my C*ck, then get the f*ck out of the way and don't talk to me in the dressing room afterward' Marbury. I even kept the faith when Isiah Thomas decided to get all Clarence Thomas on the female staff over there at Madison Square Garden.

But now The Knicks are really pushing it. First they waste their number 6 pick in the NBA draft on this guy and today I read that they've signed the son of Knicks legend, former perennial All-Star and future Hall-of-Famer Patrick Ewing. Never mind the fact that Junior averaged an immasculating 6 points and 2 rebounds in College, The Knicks know what they're doing.

"Ewing isn't expected to be the impact player his father was, but he gives the Knicks a valuable public relations boost coming off last season's 23-59 record, matching the franchise record for losses. New York has posted seven straight losing seasons overall."

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