Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Good Question.......

This is a really interesting article about the nature of human belief, faith and hope.

"A recent story on said 80 million Americans believe we have been visited by aliens from another planet, and numerous studies show that millions of people believe in ghosts, extrasensory perception and, of course, alien abductions."

Well, ok, maybe it's not exclusively about such noble concepts. But thankfully we can just dismiss the above quote (which appears in the opening paragraph of the article) by acknowledging that Americans are not the best litmus test for, well, anything. Except maybe obesity and geographical ignorance (oh we do pretty well in those stakes downunder too, don't you worry about that).

The main meat revolves around this type of sentiment:

"Alone in the animal world, humans understand cause and effect, and that, he says, led ultimately to the invention of tools, the rapid rise of sophisticated technology, and of course, beliefs."

Not right, or wrong, just interesting. Like midget porn.

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