Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

So today my man Brother Cake Instant Messaged me and said, "Never underestimate the therapeutic nature of Gangsta Rap," and in the face of such awesome truth I could only concur applaudingly.

I think that the film Office Space captures the attraction to Gangsta rap perfectly, and NOT in the ironic white-middle-class-educated-dickhole-snickering-at-the-rejoicing-in-ignorance kind of way that abounds in certain quarters (I'm looking at you, dudes in the painted on jeans with way too much room in the arse). The character in the movie, Michael Bolton, just loves Gangsta Rap. He LOVES it, and for no other reason than it just moves him. What's more it's a perfect fit when the printer in the office packs it in, or the coffee machine plays up, or that officious colleague who has taken assertion classes busts your balls. Surely that's got something to offer for all of us.

I heard it said once that a great Gangsta Rap album is like a great Hollywood action film: it's pulp. I'd tend to agree, and you don't have to either have lived the 'hood life or be a snide, cynical whitey to like it.

And now, I leave it to the Godfather of Gangsta Rap to put it much, much, much more succinctly:

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Detect said...

The office space scene:

The actor David Herman hails from Washington Heights, NY which explains why he's such a natural spitter.