Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Much Has Hip Hop Softened in 10 Quick Years?

Now I didn't actually watch the MTV VMAs last week, so in large part I have no reason to comment. But my man Weez gave me the rundown (he's the pop culture guru around these parts), and I've read several things that made me cast my mind back nostalgically to The Grammys ten years ago when ODB rushed the stage.

This is a funny little blog post about the VMAs that proves a few points:

1. Everyone knows about Rap music now
2. Even geeky pop music fans feel entitled to crack jokes about current Rap music & artists
3. Neither of the first two points were true 10 years ago

Kanye West prancing around doing some kind of weird vocal bastardization + the fact that Lil' Wayne is now the hottest rapper on the planet = times is changed.

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