Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Man of The Hour

If Putin doesn't make the front cover of TIME this year, it's a fix (no disrespect to the homie President Obama).

To paraphrase Seinfeld, Putin's not just a man - he's a man's man. From Chechnya to the Far Eastern forests, this bad-ass Boris has laid the smack down as the head of the Russian state and left a legacy of middle fingering the West just enough to get US knickers in a knot, but not so much that member states of the EU have had to choose sides. Now he's pulling the strings from the Prime Minister's seat, and the people (especially the young people) in Russia seem to love him.

I'm not down with his suppression of dissident views (the Litvenenko poisoning was particularly disturbing - they went all the way to the UK to get him?) and now this has happened.

I don't know why people get all reactionary and starting bandying around terms like 'New Cold War,' the emergence of the new rich in Russia seems to suggest that capitalism is entrenched, so how is the present situation analogous to the old battle of ideologies? This is a whole other thing going on now, with Putin. Who knows how it will end?

Seriously though, he's a bit of a psychopath. I mean, would you shoot a tiger?

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